Wonder Woman is the 3rd episode of Season 2 of Spin City.

Synopsis Edit

Mike finds out that his new girlfriend, Laurie, isn't looking for commitment, which he thinks is great -- at first. Meanwhile, James has a mysterious new hobby, which Stuart and Carter are determined to uncover; and Janelle asks for a raise, with surprising results.

Starring Edit

Michael J. Fox as Mike Flaherty
Richard Kind as Paul Lassiter
Alan Ruck as Stuart Bondek
Michael Boatman as Carter Heywood
Connie Britton as Nikki Faber
Alexander Chaplin as James Hobert
Victoria Dillard as Janelle Cooper
and Barry Bostwick as Randall Winston

Special Guest Star

Paula Marshall as Laurie Parres

Guest starring

Linda Stephens as Carol Parres


Sylvia Kauders as Roberta
Melinda Wade as Nadine (voice)

Quotes Edit

[voice mail] Mike, Janelle works for me now. I hope we're still on for lunch. Call Janelle to confirm
—The Mayor

Trivia Edit

  • Mike tells Laurie that he loves her
  • Janelle gets a raise and a promotion to Secretary to The Mayor

Photos Edit

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