The Competition is the 10th episode of Season 1 of Spin City.

Synopsis Edit

When the Mayor's office competes against City Council in an annual Thanksgiving contest, the stakes are high, since the losers must croon a show tune in front of the press. Former Mayor of New York Ed Koch makes a cameo guest appearance as Speaker Rosen, head of the City Council.

Starring Edit

Michael J. Fox as Mike Flaherty
Carla Gugino as Ashley Schaeffer
Richard Kind as Paul Lassiter
Alan Ruck as Stuart Bondek
Michael Boatman as Carter Heywood
Connie Britton as Nikki Faber
Alexander Chaplin as James Hobert
and Barry Bostwick as Randall Winston

Special Guest Star

Former Mayor, Ed Koch as Speaker Saul Rosen

Recurring cast

Victoria Dillard as Janelle Cooper


J. Smith Cameron as Lisa
Stephen Colbert as Frank
Jennifer Garner as Becky Corrigan
Brian Tarantina as First Homeless Man
Soby as Second Homeless Man
William Preston as Older Homeless Man
James E. Tripp as Reporter
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