Stuart Bondek

Assistant Deputy Mayor Stuart Appearances: Season 1 - 6

Stuart Bondek is the assistant deputy mayor. He is in charge when Mike or Charlie are away. He is sexist, sneaky, thoughtless, uncompromising, abrasive, reckless, tenacious, boorish, offensive, negative, dramatic, eccentric, kinky, shrewd, temperamental, unfriendly, accountable, rude, tidy, brilliant, obnoxious, narrow-minded, discourteous, efficient, keen and politically hypocritical. He often gets snubbed by women because of his sleaziness and depravity. So much that he often solicits sex. He was involved with a crazy-psychotic woman named Deidre West.

Early on, he found it quite difficult accepting a gay colleague, but eventually he and Carter become really good friends and even roommates.

He is played by Alan Ruck.

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