Spin City is an American television series, which aired on ABC from 17 September 1996 to 30 April 2002.

About Edit

One of America's favorite performers, Michael J. Fox, teams again with Gary David Goldberg, the producer who launched Fox to stardom in "Family Ties," in this sophisticated ensemble comedy. Fox stars as Michael Flaherty (Michael J. Fox), the Deputy Mayor of New York City, who quickly realizes that playing politics not only applies to his professional life, but to his personal life as well.

As the right-hand man to the ambitious Mayor Randall Winston (Barry Bostwick), Michael presides over a staff that seems more like a dysfunctional family than a group of co-workers. There's Stuart (Alan Ruck), the number two man in the office, who's convinced he should have Michael's job; Paul (Richard Kind), the press secretary, who gamely presses on, though he's perennially out of the loop; James (Alexander Gaberman), the idealistic young speechwriter from the midwest; Nikki (Connie Britton), the efficient accountant with a chaotic personal life; and Carter (Michael Boatman), a gay activist who recently joined the administration as special assistant for minority affairs.

Starring Edit

Michael J. Fox as Mike Flaherty
Carla Gugino as Ashley Schaeffer
Richard Kind as Paul Lassiter
Alan Ruck as Stuart Bondek
Michael Boatman as Carter Heywood
Connie Britton as Nikki Faber
Alexander Chaplin as James Hobert
and Barry Bostwick as Randall Winston


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