Season 1 of ABC series Spin City aired from 17 September 1996 to 13 May 1997.

Starring Edit

Michael J. Fox as Mike Flaherty
Carla Gugino as Ashley Schaeffer (12 episodes)
Richard Kind as Paul Lassiter
Alan Ruck as Stuart Bondek
Michael Boatman as Carter Heywood
Connie Britton as Nikki Faber
Alexander Chaplin as James Hobert
and Barry Bostwick as Randall Winston

Special Guest Star

Deborah Rush as Helen Winston

Recurring cast

Victoria Dillard as Janelle Cooper (15 episodes)
Taylor Stanley as Karen Palmieri (8 episodes)


# Episode Title Director Writer(s) Overview Original airdate
1 Prototype Thomas Schlamme Gary David Goldberg & Bill Lawrence Mike Flaherty and his City Hall team grapple with a garbage strike and a political gaffe by the Mayor who accidentally insults gay people. Mike's girlfriend Ashley questions Mike's commitment to their relationship when he is nervous about moving in together.
(First appearance: Janelle)
September 17, 1996
2 The Great Pretender Lee Shallat-Chemel Sarah Dunn Mike is named Sexiest Man in New York by Manhattan magazine and the staff must deal with Mayor Winston's problematic wife during an important dinner. September 24, 1996
3 The Apartment Lee Shallat-Chemel Bill Lawrence The continuing dilemma of the garbage strike keeps Mike and Ashley too busy to spend time together at their new apartment. Stuart makes a blunder when left in charge of the office. October 1, 1996
4 Pride and Prejudice Lee Shallat-Chemel Brian Buckner, Sebastian Jones During a television interview, Mike makes an insensitive comment about his working relationship with Ashley. Carter goes over Mike's head and encourages the Mayor to support a controversial policy on AIDS. A reporter is attracted to James. October 8, 1996
5 The Rivals Lee Shallat-Chemel Amy Cohen, Michelle Nader The Mayor feels responsible for the death of his predecessor. Mike and Ashley try to avoid their new neighbors. October 15, 1996
6 A Star is Born Lee Shallat-Chemel Kirk J. Rudell The Mayor's low approval ratings sink even lower when the Winston Administration supports a nominee with a checkered past. October 22, 1996
7 Grand Illusion Lee Shallat-Chemel Amy Cohen, Michelle Nader Carter stages a mock wedding in protest of the Mayor's stance against same-sex marriage. Ashley is unhappy with the quality of her assignments at her new job. October 29, 1996
8 The High and the Mighty Lee Shallat-Chemel Kirk J. Rudell Mike asks a powerful land developer for a favor. As the Winston Administration celebrates a reduction in crime rates, Paul gets mugged. November 12, 1996
9 Meet Tommy Dugan Lee Shallat-Chemel Tim Hobert A janitor at a local public school surprises the staff by winning the "New York City Mayor for a Day" contest. The Mayor tries to conform his image to the guidelines of a focus group. November 19, 1996
10 The Competition Lee Shallat-Chemel Sarah Dunn The Mayor's staff compete with the City Council as to who can serve the most homeless on Thanksgiving. James tries to break up with his high school sweatheart who is visiting from Wisconsin. (Guest Stars: Stephen Colbert as Frank, and former mayor Ed Koch as Speaker Rosen.) November 26, 1996
11 Dog Day Afternoon Lee Shallat-Chemel Jeff Lowell Paul and Carter lose the body of a beloved police dog on its way to burial. Mike buys an air hockey table to help the staff relax. December 10, 1996
12 Criss Cross Lee Shallat-Chemel Brian Buckner, Sebastian Jones When the Mayor comes down with a cold, Mike must debate Ashley on a political talk show (last appearance of Ashley). December 17, 1996
13 Bye Bye Love Lee Shallat-Chemel Kirk J. Rudell, Bill Lawrence Mike breaks up with Ashley. Paul sets a New Year's resolution to be less gullible. January 7, 1997
14 Starting Over Lee Shallat-Chemel Jeff Lowell Michael is uncomfortable with his newly single status. Paul meets the president of his fan club, Claudia Sacks, who has arranged the "group's" first meeting. Carter and Stuart have a little too much to drink and end up in an uneasy situation.
(First appearance: Claudia)
January 14, 1997
15 Gabby's Song Lee Shallat-Chemel Jeff Lowell, Tim Hobert Mike's attempts to woo a new member of the City Council is thwarted when she decides to play dirty. Claudia tries to convince Paul to have sex. January 28, 1997
16 Kiss Me, Stupid Lee Shallat-Chemel Sarah Dunn Carter is reunited with his ex Spence Kaymer, who is engaged to a woman. Mike goes on a disastrous first date with Nikki's friend. February 11, 1997
17 An Affair to Remember Lee Shallat-Chemel Michelle Nader, Amy Cohen As the Mayor's 50th birthday approaches, the media react to rumors he is having an affair. James edits the Mayor's birthday video which features cameos by Rosie O'Donnell, Patrick Ewing, David Letterman, Larry King, the cast of Rent, and George Stephanopoulos; whom nobody believes that Paul is good friends with. February 18, 1997
18 Snowbound Lee Shallat-Chemel Brian Buckner, Sebastian Jones A massive blizzard hits New York, when Mike is approached by a high school crush for a one-night stand. Carter and Stuart become trapped in the boiler room. Paul makes a remark about the Mayor while on the radio that lands him in hot water. February 25, 1997
19 Striptease Lee Shallat-Chemel Jeff Lowell, Tim Hobert Mike dates a law student who happens to work part-time as a stripper. Nikki uses the advice of a guy she is dating to freak out Stuart. March 4, 1997
20 Deaf Becomes Her Lee Shallat-Chemel Kirk J. Rudell, Sarah Dunn When an office temp's attempt at sign language ends up offending the deaf community, a leading advocate for deaf rights threatens to demonstrate on City Hall. Claudia moves in with Paul after he suffers a leg injury. March 18, 1997
21 Hot in the City Lee Shallat-Chemel Jay Scherick, David Ronn Mike's ex-girlfriend Carrie desperately wants to bear his child, so she steals his sperm. Another gaffe by the Mayor threatens to break up the reunion of a popular rock band. April 1, 1997
22 Bone Free Lee Shallat-Chemel Michelle Nader, Amy Cohen Rumors about the Mayor's health abound, when he refuses to stand during a press conference. The guys don't approve of Nikki's freeloading screenwriter boyfriend. April 29, 1997
23 The Mayor Who Came to Dinner Lee Shallat-Chemel Tim Hobert, Kirk J. Rudell Mike must deal with a new roommate: The Mayor. Isaac Mizrahi helps the Mayor with a charity fashion show, and gives Nikki the chance of a lifetime. May 6, 1997
24 Mayor Over Miami Lee Shallat-Chemel Brian Buckner, Sebastian Jones The Mayor deals with his recent separation by taking Paul on a trip to Miami, leaving Mike to cover for him at City Hall. May 13, 1997


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