Nikki Faber is a principal character on Spin City. She is portrayed by Connie Britton.

Character Edit

Nikki is a very clever, nice, industrious, kind, knowledgeable, independent, friendly, altruistic, bold, educated, righteous, no-nonsense, ill-tempered at times, keen, kind-hearted, intellectual, fearless, accountable, benevolent, encouraging, respectful and mature member of the band of misfits. She works as the Mayor's accountant. Nikki was born in Boston, Massachusetts somewhere in the late sixties and relocated to New York at age thirteen. She was selected by Randall sometime after he became the Mayor of New York City.

Trivia Edit

  • One of Nikki's grandmothers lives in (and is possibly from) Jacksonville, FL
  • Nikki's mother's birth name is Shaughnessy[2]

Notes and references Edit

  1. Grand Illusion — The priest states her full name
  2. Criss Cross
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