Michael Flaherty

Deputy Mayor Mike Flaherty Appearances: Season 1-4 and 6

Michael Flaherty was New York City's Deputy Mayor from season 1 to 4. He is a graduate of Fordham University and lived his entire life in New York City. He is a workaholic and egocentric but also as a lovable, melodramatic, independent, kind-hearted, empathetic, friendly, loyal, accountable, honorable, efficient, righteous, thoughtful, weird, meticulous, industrious, cantankerous, hard-working, assertive, encouraging, loving, fussy, low-key, affectionate, heroic, educated, respectful, trustworthy and clever big brother type to many of his friends and staff. Though Mike is impressive at work, his personal life is often in disarray.

Start of CareerEdit

Mike was the campaign manager for Randall Winston's first mayor campaign. After they won the election, Randall hired him as the deputy mayor. During his time there, he worked very hard at city hall. He was able to manipulate and lie his way out of any situation. Randall was not very responsible and did not seem to take the title of mayor very seriously. This left Mike with even more responsibility. Mike had to do the jobs of being mayor, while making sure the mayor did not go out and make a fool of himself. Over his course at city hall, he dealt with some major problems, a garbage strike, the mayor shunning the gay community, the mayor ruining Roger Clemens perfect game and losing the Olympic Torch somewhere in New York City. In time, his job at city hall became his life, and he ignored all the problems that arose in his personal life.

End of CareerEdit

Mike's career couldn't be any better, until he found that Nikki was dating a mobster. Even worse, the entire staff including the mayor became friends with him. A reporter intented on bringing down Winston's administration and was busy finding proof of the mayor's connection to the alleged mobster. Mike had to find someone to blame for the scandal and fire him so he could show the press that the mayor did not support the mob. At the press conference, Mike went out and said that it was his fault and that it was his responsibility to take the fall. After this, he made the mayor fire him from his job at city hall. And ended up doing politics for a bigger office.

After Deputy MayorEdit

Mike became an environmental lobbyist and went to Washington D.C. He met a woman and they got married at New York City Hall in front of his previous co-workers. In Washington D.C. he met a republican senator from Ohio named Alex P. Keaton.


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