Carter Heywood

Head of Minority Affairs Carter Appearances: Season 1 - 6

Carter Heywood is the head of minority affairs in City Hall. When, in the first episode of the first season, the mayor responds to the question wether he will participate in the Gay Pride Parade with "What are you? Drunk?", Mike decides they need a gay colleague. He then sees Carter, a gay rights activist, commenting on the mayor on television and decides to hire him. Carter promises he will be the mayor's worst nightmare. And he is also known as conscientious, abrasive, reckless, thoughtless, emotional, roguish, harsh, eccentric, selfish, witty, obnoxious, obsequious, discourteous, careless, ambitious, resentful, tenacious, efficient, relaxed, hard-working, egotistical, sneaky, whimsical, offensive, observant and determined. Later, he gets settled in and becomes good friends with everyone, especially with Stuart, who later becomes his roommate.
He also has a suicidal dog named Rags.
Carter is played by Michael Boatman.

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